What is BBG?

BBG, short from Barley Betaglucan, is a concentrated source of water-soluble dietary fibre produced from barley grains. With innovative and patented technology we have created a superior source of barley beta-glucan to improve human nutrition and deliver numerous health benefits. The excellent biological activity of BBG® is achieved by a state-of-the art production procedure that does not involve the use of any chemicals or enzymes. The ingredient has scientifically proven beneficial effects on human health: beside its effects in cholesterol management and its contribution to lowering the glycemic response, BBG® is also known for improving gut health. Based on scientific evidence of the highest possible standard, all of these uses have also received favourable opinions from the European Food and Safety Authority (EFSA).

It is critically important for the food industry that Reduchol® is a natural non-GMO functional ingredient which is simple to use in different functional foods, particularly in cereal applications such as breakfast cereals, extruded flakes and crisps, bread etc.

The enrichment of foods by BBG® enables the simple creation of tasty functional foods with beneficial health effects.e.

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